Song of Gondwana: cover

Song of Gondwana

a novel by

Craig Robertson

Penguin Books, Melbourne 1989



Cover illustration: Brendon Hill
over design: Cathy van Ee

A science fantasy set in and dedicated to Victoria's Otway Ranges and wild southern coast, and to its bird life.

Gondwana was the ancient southern supercontinent. As it disintegrated millions of years ago, the final great schism came when Australia broke away, along its southern rim, from East Antarctica. As Antarctica died beneath the ice, the Australian ark drifted north into the heat.

The forces unleashed by this cataclysm remain to disturb the life of Lane, an amateur scientist. He begins an ambitious study of birdlife based around an old farmhouse in the Otway Ranges.

Otway Ranges: old farmhouse Otway Ranges: farmhouse yard and Hudson sloper

Deep in the rain-soaked forest he finds a dangerous mystery. There is a lethal presence somewhere in the very air around him, and a peculiar hidden valley.

Otway Ranges: into the forest Otway Ranges: raining in the bush Otway Ranges: decaying myrtle beech

He meets Katrina, an obsessed recluse who is performing strange experiments with birdsong. His fascination with her leads him and his friends into a mythic realm that threatens to destroy them all.

Readings: Craig Robertson reads excerpts from Song of Gondwana (Note: This file is on The Expedition CD, where there are also some photos of the country.):


"Language powerful and intelligent and imaginative good time." Alan Wearne, The Age.

"Brilliantly imaginative...enough suspense...could be the start of a whole new school of Australian fantasy writing." Judith White, Sydney Sun-Herald.

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For more about old Gondwana, see Gondwana - how it got its name and Reflections on Ice: Musings from Antarctica and Patagonia.

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