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These are things I will never use again but can't bear to throw in the rubbish bin. If only I can find a home for them I will be happy.

Help me and I will help you. If a convenient arrangment can be made I am willing to drop an item off in the Melbourne area at a time of mutual convenience. Or, you can stop by and pick one up. All items are free. Many thanks to a geography teacher for taking a box of China Pictorial and the Scientific Americans, and a chemistry teacher for taking my old chemistry gear. I hope some kids find them of interest!

If you are interested in any of the items below, just slip a note

World War II field communications instruments

Army Memorabilia

Last to go! These items come mainly from my father's period of service in the army and airforce during World War II. They are field morse code transmitters and telephony instruments. Also a pair of WWII army binoculars.

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