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At the end of each podcast interview I have a short talk about what's going on in my study, about the things in it and the projects on the go. The first podcast with Martin Friedel has a brief description of my study layout.

These talks can be listened to as individual mp3 recordings; see In my study: notes. Click on the individual mp3 files or the file ims-study.xml for an RSS feed; you can subscribe with iTunes or a live bookmark.

In this page you can see a few things about how my study works. Below on the left is an image of the project table a few years ago. Here it is posing as a sort of work of art during the final phases of The Expedition project. Most of the time it's nothing like this, but more of a jumble, a wreck even, always in need of some sorting. It's a place I can find ideas mixing in together, lines of research possibly forgotten, ready for another visit.

On the right is a photo of "reading lamp only". Minimalism is the go here; a blank page, a few notes or some current object of interest to work from. And concentration. Out the window I see only some shrubbery, an occasional bird passing through. This is a "stop and dream page."

Project Table Reading Lamp Only
Study picture board

In the photo of the picture board at left can be seen a collection of images of other studies, of the dreamers and scholars who sat in them.

It starts with medieval monks, lurches through some mythological figures, Renaissance images of founding fathers of the Christian church in their lairs, seventeenth century scientists, eighteenth century gentlemen scholars, and through to nineteenth and twentieth century thinkers.

Alexander von Humboldt had the study to die for. Darwin's was pretty good. Brahms and Jung look comfortable.

I hope to expand on this, with more information about their housing, about how they lived at home.

In the garden: the fountain

In the garden

(30" mp3 file; 304 Kb)

This is a place to daydream.

In the garden: goldfish In the garden: flowers

The images on the picture board are mostly well-known paintings owned by galleries around the world, plus a few photos from books. Otherwise all material is © Copyright Craig Robertson, 2008

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