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Podcast No.3: Interview with Nicola Stern

by Craig Robertson

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Podcast No.3: Nicola Stern (14.1 Mb mpeg4; 59 minutes)

Nikki Stern trained as a musician before making archaeology her career. She has had extensive experience working in Africa, at Koobi Fora on the shores of Lake Turkana in the north Kenyan part of the Great Rift Valley. She has also worked on ancient Australia, co-authoring A Record in Stone with Simon Holdaway (see below). This interview © Copyright Nicola Stern & Craig Robertson, 2005. An article based on this interview was also published in VAST (Voices of Australian Science & Technology).
Music in this podcast includes extracts from the following recordings, courtesy of Move Records:
Faure's Morceaux de lecture and Berceuse, and Ravel's Habanera, played by Miwako Abe, violin, from her album Poeme: Music for the romantic violin, with David McSkimming, piano © 2000.

This podcast also includes my two regular themes:
Introduction and final announcements: Prelude from J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C, Book 1, BWV846, played by Ronald Farren-Price, from his album Reflections, courtesy of Move Records © 1993
Prelude to the section "In my study": a movement from G.F. Handel: Suite No. 5 in E major, played by Elizabeth Anderson on her album The Convict Harpsichordist, also courtesy of Move Records © 2003

In my study: notes on expeditions, their relationship to the study, on adventure; see In my study No.3 (1.8 Mb; 3' 54"). See: Along the track, with Crosbie Morrison a selection from his Nature talks, by Lucy Morrison (Whitcomb and Tombs, Melbourne, 1961); Adventures of Ideas by A.N. Whitehead (Cambridge University Press, 1933).

Nicola Stern: selected bibliography
A Record in Stone: The Study of Australia's Flaked Stone Artefacts, S. Holdaway and N. Stern, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra and Museum Victoria, Melbourne, 2004.
Nikki Stern has also published a number of book chapters, a large number of scientific papers, and presented at many conferences and seminars.

All material, unless otherwise stated, is © Copyright Craig Robertson, 2007

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