VALE Nancy Millis

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Nancy Millis. Her contributions to science and Australian society were both great and unique.

October, 2012

The Study

Podcast No.7: Interview with Nancy Millis, AC

by Craig Robertson & Doug McCann

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Podcast No.7: Nancy Millis, AC (14.1 Mb mpeg-4; 59 minutes)

Nancy Millis, AC is a microbiologist. She has had a long career as a leader in her field, becoming Australia's pre-eminent industrial microbiologist. She held a personal chair in microbiology at the University of Melbourne where she still serves as Professor Emeritus and Chair, CRC for Water Quality & Treatment. She has served on a number of advisory bodies to government, and at the time of the interview was Chancellor of La Trobe University. She spends her mornings in her office where she usually has her door wide open, available to students and staff who come to her for discussion and advice on all manner of things. This interview was undertaken with the participation of Doug McCann, at the time Honorary Librarian of the Royal Society of Victoria. This interview © Copyright Nancy Millis, Doug McCann & Craig Robertson, 2005. Note: An article based on this interview was published in VAST (Voices of Australian Science & Technology), by The Royal Society of Victoria.
Music in this podcast includes extracts from Helen Gifford The Spell and Larry Sitsky Arch, both played by Larry Sitsky on his album Contemporary Australian Piano, courtesy of Move Records © 1988.

This podcast also includes my two regular themes:
Introduction and final announcements: Prelude from J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C, Book 1, BWV846, played by Ronald Farren-Price, from his album Reflections, courtesy of Move Records © 1993
Prelude to the section "In my study": a movement from G.F. Handel: Suite No. 5 in E major, played by Elizabeth Anderson on her album The Convict Harpsichordist, also courtesy of Move Records © 2003

In my study: notes on the study project, why we do it; see In my study No.7 (4.6 Mb; 4' 03").
Erratum: Memory is always risky in this project! In these IMS notes I refer to the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, and to a "high point" when three supposed culturally iconic people were wheeled out on pedestals. Anyone with a decent memory will know that this particular event was actually part of the closing ceremony. But it makes no difference to the point being made.

Nancy Millis, AC: selected bibliography
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Chapter in book: Millis, N.F. (1981). Marine Microbiology. In Marine Botany: An Australian Perspective, Eds. Clayton, M.E. and King, R.J. Chap.3, p.45-60. Longman Cheshire, Melbourne.
Application of Microbial Physiology and Genetics to Industrial Processes. Ed. N.F. Millis and A.J. Pittard. University of Melbourne, 1982.
There are also 30-odd scientific papers, a number of reports to government and many invited lectures.
See also: Encyclopedia of Australian Science: Millis, Nancy; biographical entry

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