Geoff Lacey with his books
Geoff Lacey at home with his books.

The Study

Podcast No.7: Interview with Geoff Lacey

by Craig Robertson

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Podcast No.8: Geoff Lacey (13.4 Mb mpeg-4; 56 minutes)

Geoff Lacey is a civil engineer with a long career as both a practitioner and an educator in this field. He also has an equally long career as an enviromentalist, and naturalist. He has been committed to and involved with the environmental movement, especially at the grass-roots, since the inception of its modern formation in the 1960s and 1970s. He has written numerous articles and pamphlets throughout this activity, culminating in the book Still Glides the Stream: the natural history of the Yarra from Heidelberg to Yarra Bend, this area being something of an ecological heartland for the city of Melbourne, Victoria. This interview © Copyright Geoff Lacey & Craig Robertson, 2007.
Music in this podcast includes extracts from Linda Kouvaras' Secrets of the Amphitheatre (from Bundanon Suite) and Brenton Broastock's Giants in the Land, both played by Ian Holtham on his album Giants in the Land, courtesy of Move Records © 2002.

This podcast also includes my two regular themes:
Introduction and final announcements: Prelude from J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C, Book 1, BWV846, played by Ronald Farren-Price, from his album Reflections, courtesy of Move Records © 1993
Prelude to the section "In my study": a movement from G.F. Handel: Suite No. 5 in E major, played by Elizabeth Anderson on her album The Convict Harpsichordist, also courtesy of Move Records © 2003

In my study: notes on my old biscuit tin; the local and the global; see In my study No.8 (4.2 Mb; 4' 37").

Publications of Geoff Lacey

Reading the Land: cover
Reading the Land
Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2008
Geoff Lacey at book launch
Geoff Lacey speaking at the launch of Reading the Land,
June, 2008
Glides the Stream: cover
Still Glides the Stream: The natural history of
the Yarra from Heidelberg to Yarra Bend
Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2004
Birds of French Island Wetlands: cover
Birds of French Island Wetlands,
Des Quinn & Geoff Lacey,
Spectrum Publications, Melbourne, 1999

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, Volume 117, Number 1, 2005 - Special Issue on: Barmah-Millewa Forest: Indigenous Heritage, Ecological Challenge. Guest Editors A.R. Ladson & G.C. Lacey (who were co-convenors of this The Royal Society of Victoria conference; this issue comprises the papers delivered at the conference.

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