Frank Kellaway reading a poem

The Study

Podcast No.5: Interview with Frank Kellaway

by Craig Robertson

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Vale Frank

Unfortunately I have only learnt of Frank's death in late 2014. I am saddened at another passing of the old timers, but he lived a full life of 90 years. Here is an: obituary in Meanjin.

Frank Kellaway reading one of his poems at his city desk, June 2006.

Podcast No.5: Frank Kellaway (13.6 Mb mpeg-4; 57 minutes)

Frank Kellaway (19 April, 1922 - 12 July, 2012) was a poet. He also wrote novels, children's literature, a libretto for George Dreyfus. He was also a painter. He moved in wide circles throughout his life; the names of his friends and acquaintances recall an era of Australian intellectual and artistic life: Manning Clark, A.D. Hope, Gwen Harwood, Russell Ward, Arthur Boyd, Geoffrey Dutton, Maria Lewitt, Dinny O'Hearn, David Armstrong, Dale Hickey, Bary Dowling, Evan Jones and Peter Mathers. This interview © Copyright Frank Kellaway & Craig Robertson, 2006.
Music in this podcast includes extracts from Mendelsohn's Song without Words, played by Ronald Farren-Price, from his album "Reflections", courtesy of Move Records © 1993.

This podcast also includes my two regular themes:
Introduction and final announcements: Prelude from J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C, Book 1, BWV846, played by Ronald Farren-Price, from his album Reflections, courtesy of Move Records © 1993
Prelude to the section "In my study": a movement from G.F. Handel: Suite No. 5 in E major, played by Elizabeth Anderson on her album The Convict Harpsichordist, also courtesy of Move Records © 2003

In my study: notes on secondhand bookshops; see In my study No.5 (4.6 Mb; 5' 01").

Frank Kellaway: selected bibliography
A whaler, Frank Kellaway, illustrated by Patricia Thomas, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1967.
Garni Sands: opera in two acts, by George Dreyfus, libretto by Frank Kellaway, vocal score by Willy Giefer, Allans Music (Australia), Melbourne, 1972.
A Straight Furrow, Frank Kellaway, Cassell, London, 1972.
Beanstalk: poems, Frank Kellaway, illustrated by Joe de Lutis, Contempa Publications, Melbourne, 1973.
Golden Dan, Frank Kellaway, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1976.
Mare's Nest: poems, Frank Kellaway, Overland, Melbourne, 1978
Bill's Break, writing as Alistair Skelton, Champion Books, Melbourne, 1983.

Note: The Study podcast interviews are generally tightly edited versions of the originals, which are much too long for a one hour format. In producing this program with Frank Kellaway I have not edited his poetry readings, as I think his diction and rhythm are excellent and don't need my interference; the poems are presented as read.

All material, unless otherwise stated, is © Copyright Craig Robertson, 2007

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