Websites of interest

There are many links as you know. These are just a handful that come to mind, ordered by categories that I like to use. I will add to the list as time goes by.


International Federation of Rock Art Organisations (IFRAO)
Australian Rock Art Research Association (AURANET) See also AURA's community page.(Note that the vicnet website is no longer operating.)
Australian Archaeological Association
Bradshaw Foundation


Geelong Gallery
Ian Potter Museum of Art (Melbourne University)
National Gallery of Victoria
Uffizi Gallery

Biography - Interviews

Australian Academy of Science: Interviews with Australian Scientists
Encyclopedia of Australian Science


Birdlife Australia (the organisation formed from Birds Australia/RAOU and Bird Observation and Conservation Australia/BOCA)
Birdlife Melbourne
xeno-canto: Sharing bird sounds from around the world
xeno-canto: Craig Robertson (my relatively meagre contribution to this creative commons site)
Listening Earth
Birds of Shanghai


Jan Wositzky: Australian music and storytelling


State Library of Victoria
National Library of Australia
Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW
Australian Parliamentary Library
The British Library


AUSOM: The Apple Users Society of Melbourne
Australian Noble Prize Winners
Aussie Yobbo
Kimberley Society
Mission to Seafarers Victoria
Timothy Leary Homepage
The Zoo
World Wildlife Fund

Mountain Huts

Huts Victoria - Victorian High Country Huts Association
Kosciusko Huts Association
Fire Lookout Towers in Victoria, Australia


Museum Victoria
Australian Museum, Sydney
National Museums of Kenya
Natural History Museum, London
Ditsong: Museums of South Africa including National Museum of Natural History (Transvaal Museum)


Astra Chamber Music Society
Australian Chamber Orchestra
Australian National Academy of Music
Flinders Quartet
Lyrebird Music Society
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
3MBS Radio
Move Records
Stonnington Symphony Orchestra


Melbourne University School of Earth Sciences: History
Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy & Social Studies of Science
Australian Institute of Physics
Australian Science & Technology Heritage Centre
Charles Darwin Foundation (Science for Galapogos)
The Mathematical Association of Victoria
International Space Station
Mars Exploration Rover Mission
The Royal Society of Victoria
SETI Institute: The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence
Alan Sokal: articles about the famous hoax of the post-modernists


Malvern Theatre Company
Peridot Theatre Company

Travel a site by photographer Mikkel Grabowski
two in the blue Rediscovering wilderness: a journey from pole to pole - a site by marine biologist Pat Lewis.


Australian Copyright Council
Copyright Agency Limited (CAL)
Australian Copyright Act 1968 as amended
Australian Society of Authors
Scribe Publications

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